Special Needs Trusts

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Immediate Family Care Needs

Clients also rely on us to address immediate family care needs, which may arise when a family member becomes incapacitated or disabled, or when a child is born with disabilities. We possess the legal skill, foresight, and compassion to effectively provide legal services to people and families with special needs.

Special needs trust

A special needs trust is generally set up to provide for a disabled person's needs other than basic food, housing, and health care expenses, which may be covered by public benefits such as SSI and Medicaid. With a special needs trust, assets intended for the disabled person are transferred into trust with an independent trustee, and funds in the trust are used to supplement government benefits. Establishing a special needs trust is very important for people with disabilities, for otherwise they could be disqualified from receiving public benefits that they do in fact need for care and services.

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